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Why go to counselling?

I am a believer that everyone has experienced events in their lives that have altered how you look at events/interactions in a different way. Perhaps it changed your views or actions. Therapy/counselling is here to help you process thoughts and emotions. Therapy is not just for negative moments within your life, it can also help you celebrate and maximise the triumphs.

In therapy, you may develop an understanding of how childhood experiences can impact todays relationships and learn how to form healthier, more authentic connections with people. Many people come to therapy because they're feeling lost or empty.

I am a qualified practitioner that places you at the centre of our sessions. I will work with you to design a bespoke therapy that is tailored to meet your needs with the aim of achieving your goal of a better, brighter future. I understand that your journey throughout life may have brought you to a point of feeling overwhelmed, consumed and stuck. I aspire to help you to begin to make sense of these emotions, gain some clarity, think rationally and work towards a peaceful and more optimistic future.

Making the decision to come to therapy/counselling can be a difficult and sometimes anxiety provoking one, and finding someone who you feel comfortable with can be a really positive and reassuring start.


I offer an initial no charge consultation to get to know each other a little, and where we can begin to look at what you would like to achieve from the work we may do together.

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